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Ready To Design Your Career?

If you are eager to get unstuck and get on a fast track of career success then DYC is for you

Are your ready to Design Your Career?

Know your ideal career direction and work with me to develop your Branding tools, Personal Branding, Networking and Job search strategies..

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It is time to change all of these feelings of confusion, frustration, lack of confidence and start designing your own Strategic Career Plan that works!

Design your career

Learn strategies and insights to achieve a “Fulfilling Career”

“Design Your Career” or DYC is a 3-months coaching program where you will have 10 one-to-one coaching sessions, video modules, accompanied with workbooks, templates, 2-resume reviews, LinkedIn and job strategy review call, and follow-up call after 30 days of program completion for accountability and Q&A. I will work closely to explore values, strengths, and uplift your career.

These 3-months will be a productive roller coaster from ‘Career Auditing,’ ‘Personal Branding,’ to ‘Interviewing Strategy & Salary Negotiations.’ Together we will explore modern-day vital factors such as resume/CV building, research strategies, LinkedIn profile, and various other dimensions to help you fulfill the desired goals and ambitions.

DYC phases

The Three-Phase Process

Career Foundation

Module 1: Career Audit
Module 2: What are your super-powers, i.e., values and strengths
Module 3: What are your High-Value Skills
Module 4: Your Purpose and passions

The 1st phase of the program is focused on building self-confidence and begin the journey of self-discovery. We clarify your values, passions, skills, strengths, and purpose.

Career Clarity

Module 5: Design your Ideal Job & Job search project plan
Module 6: Research into your ideal career & job

IIn this phase, we will design your ideal job, build your job search project plan so that you can take SMART action steps to land your ideal job strategically. The Research strategies covered in this part of the program enable you to take career decisions more wisely.

Branding Strategy

Module 7: Personal Branding & Resume Strategy
Module 8: LinkedIn Branding Strategy
Module 9: Networking to tap into the hidden job market
Module 10: Interviewing strategy & Salary Negotiation

In this phase, we develop your personal brand so that you leverage it for career growth and also have a focused job search and design your stand-out resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Bonus Lessons

  • Bonus Lesson 1 – Networking to tap into the hidden job market
  • Bonus Lesson 2 –  Interviewing strategy
  • Bonus Lesson 3 – Salary Negotiation

Now it is time to get ready to grab and land that job that you designed for yourself. In this phase, we focus on developing your Networking strategy to tap into the hidden job market. We also focus on building your ability to tackle interviews like a pro and attract job offers you deserve. 

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Success stories

What Clients Are Saying!

"Geet is an extremely seasoned HR professional with a rich industry experience. It was a great interactive and valuable session by her which deeply helped me understand an area which is often misunderstood or known superficially. The techniques and tools shared by her during the workshop will help anyone who is looking to maximise the value of their job profile. Thanks Geet. "

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"I met Geet on LinkedIn, when I was looking someone who can guide me, who can understand my dilemma & show me right path. I am an ambitious person, have lots of goals & I am happy person in present but somewhere I was on a path where I was feeling stuck & like direction is missing but desire to reach top. I tried everything on own, like making Resume in different formats, applying for Jobs, networking etc. but nothing worked as expected. Then Ms. Geet rescued me from investing my time & energy in wrong direction. She gave me clarity on my career path. She used her tools to align my goals & myself. She introduced me with tools where I set my goals, review it, SWOT analysis for having a clear picture of my objectives to myself. She always pays attention to small small things, listen patiently, correct where needed. I highly recommend Geet as a Career Coach to everyone who are ambitious, passionate, hardworking but technical guidance is missing in their life. As she has huge HR work experience, she gave HR perspective as well which is a plus point for people like me."


Fatimah Rahmani

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Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

This section is primarily available to resolve a couple of queries sticking around.

The following is included in the DYC program:

  • 25+ video modules accompanied with workbooks, templates, and scripts.
  • 10-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions for 60 minutes each over 3-months
  • 2-resume review, LinkedIn and Job search strategy review call
  • 1 Follow-up call after 30 days of program completion for accountability and Q&A.

Absolutely! There have been instances where my past clients have applied for jobs even before completing the 3-month program. The program starts giving you more clarity in the 1st few weeks to feel con dent in your superpowers and get clear about your ideal career path.

No. DYC keeps you at the center of everything we discuss during the program, AND no one knows you better than you. I aim to coach you and guide you through the process of DYC, where you get to use strategies and get feedback from me. At the end of the program, you are equipped to make career-related decisions aligned to “Who You Truly Are” with confidence & self-belief.

As your coach, I will give you tools, strategies and be your accountability partner so that you are better equipped to strategize your job search plan and get ready to land jobs that are aligned with your priorities and your superpowers. It is my firm belief that the true gamechanger is working with a coach who has been where you are now AND staying committed to working on your career goal. So the answer is that I cannot guarantee that you will receive a job offer. However, I CAN ensure that you will most definitely get more clarity and self-confidence if you follow the strategies that set you up for your career and job trajectory going forward.

During the 3-months of the DYC program, you will have access to the course content divided into weekly, easily digestible content. Every week you will go through the assigned modules and complete the tasks of the week. This is followed up with a 1:1 coaching call with me to discuss how you will be applying the work done so far.