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Duration 4 hours
$99 or INR7,500 Only
$99 or INR7,500 Only
Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

This section is primarily available to resolve a couple of queries sticking around.

Ideally, all the concepts can be applied immediately to get quick results, however keeping a little bit of flexibility, and you will have access to the workshop content for 2-months.

You will download the worksheets (if any) attached to the modules. However, the videos will not be downloadable. You will be able to access the modules only through the learning portal.

The workshops are a combination of live and recorded sessions, totally dependent on the topic. However, the workshops with a review call will have a 1:1 zoom or google meet call with me.

These intensives are self-paced intensives, wherein once you register for the same, you will get login access to the learning portal. So you can choose a time and day convenient to you to go through the modules.

Recordings of the 1:1 review call will be shared with you on a shared Google Drive to go through the same and make necessary changes to the Career Branding documents.