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Geet K Vijan
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You are keen to take your career to new heights, but the challenges you face are becoming difficult to navigate out of.


You are desperate for career, job or a role change and eager to do work you will be passionate about, but a fear is holding you back.


You feel overwhelmed due to challenges posed by workplace relationships.


You feel unaligned and doubt if you are on the right path.


You feel unhappy & dissatisfied with your career trajectory and want to take bigger leaps of growth in your career.


You are aware of your potential but unsure why you are not able to grow and want to move towards grabbing new opportunities.

It's time to get UNSTUCK and DESIGN your life and career according to who you truly are!
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It is okay to accept that you do not know. You have come in the right site for personal branding assistance.

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You are in a dilemma of listening to many and follow none. Take it one step further and aim for reinvention.

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About Geet K Vijan

Geet K Vijan

Career & Leadership Coach (ICF – ACC)

I have spent 14 years in the corporate, achieved 6 promotions in a span of 12 years, worked on exciting projects, and got recognized for my performance time and again. I now wish to use my experience in HR, Talent Development, and Psychology to help ambitious professionals get clarity on their path, overcome career challenges, and thrive in their careers.

3 Distinct Ways we can work together

To help you navigate your way to success

Accelerate Your Career (AYC)

Customised Leadership Development Coaching Program

The Accelerate Your Career is a completely customised 1:1 Coaching program that aims to help New Managers develop talents and competencies and aims to help you successfully transition from one level of leadership to the next.

The process of change has the 3 stages:

  • Mindset – Develop a mindset of growth and begin with uncovering the beliefs that are limiting you from achieving your potential.
  • Goals – Build a vision of a life that you desire and set micro goals to move towards your Vision, one milestone at a time.
  • Results – With the positive beliefs set in and your focus on your goals, it is now time to get into action and achieve outcomes.

Through coaching some of the areas we could cover to help you become a more effective leader are – Build self-awareness , Enhance Stakeholder Management, Develop Growth Mindset, Leverage Team skills and strengths, Drive Performance & Results

Design Your Career (DYC)

12 Weeks Program

Design Your Career is a three month 1:1 Career Coaching Program that aims to help you get back your confidence in yourself, realise your full potential and level up your career.

The 3 Pillars of this program are:

  • Career Confidence – The 1st phase of the program is focused on building self-confidence and begin the journey of self-discovery. Here we uncover your strengths, your skills and also make you aware of your core values.
  • Career Clarity – In this phase, we will design your ideal job, build your job search project plan so that you can take SMART action steps to land your ideal job strategically.
  • Personal Branding Strategy  – Now it’s time you develop your personal brand so that you leverage it for career growth and also have a focused job search and design your stand-out resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Bonus Lessons:

  • Opportunity Landing Strategy – Now it is time to get ready to grab and land that job that you designed for yourself. 

Career Branding Power Hour

A focused, one-on-one 120 minutes strategy session focused on getting you started with building your personal brand.

Alternate Solutions

Career workshops

Success stories

What Clients Are Saying!

"Geet is an extremely seasoned HR professional with a rich industry experience. It was a great interactive and valuable session by her which deeply helped me understand an area which is often misunderstood or known superficially. The techniques and tools shared by her during the workshop will help anyone who is looking to maximise the value of their job profile. Thanks Geet. "

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"Geet was the person with whom I had opportunity to learn from experience during my process of Job search. Her thought process and nuggets for people looking for career change/job were priceless. She helped me refine my strategy during my movement to Canada in 2020 which helped me mmensely in finding suitable role from field of experience. I recommend her work and services through which one is sure to get benefitted. Good luck in all your endeavors"



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