Accelerate Your Career

As an emerging leader, you may have multiple stakeholders and therefore multiple expectations. While you have the ability to deliver results, it may not be easy to do it all alone. AYC is a program that aims to help you successfully transition from one level of leadership to the next –  centered around YOU. Since you have unique challenges and unique opportunities, what you need is a unique program that is customised to YOUR needs.

The process of change has the 3 stages:

  • Mindset – Develop a mindset of growth and begin with uncovering the beliefs that are limiting you from achieving your potential. We work on reframing them so that they can become enablers on your growth journey.  Some things that could happen in this stage are – Become self aware, develop a growth mindset, self – efficacy, overcome imposter syndrome etc.
  • Goals (Macro and Micro) – Build a vision of a life that you desire and set micro goals to move towards your Vision, one milestone at a time. This is the “What” of your developmental journey – “What is it you are seeking”. Some areas that you may take up as goals could be – Developing relationship, leading teams, get into leadership roles, promotions, Find a job that aligns with your passions etc.
  • Results – With the positive beliefs set in and your focus on your goals, it is now time to get into action and achieve outcomes. This is where you will get into the “HOW”, “WHEN” and “WHERE” of your development journey. The outcomes expected at this stage could be improvement in job performance, improving communication within your team, developing trust as a leader, stakeholder’s faith, career branding, job search strategy etc.

AYC programs aims to help you become a more effective leader by focussing on – Build self-awareness , Enhance Stakeholder Management, Develop Growth Mindset, Leverage Team skills and strengths, Drive Performance & Results

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